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Clark County, Missouri
Posted Queries for October thru November 2005


DRAPER posted by Vicki Nusz on Friday, October 7, 2005

Can anyone confirm that Granville DRAPER was a justice of the peace in Clark County from 1836 - 1838?

DIETERICH, DORSEY, GARMON, MC CULLUM, MILLIKEN, REESE, SAAR, SHIRCK, WHITEHEAD, ZINNERT posted by Betty Jo Milliken on Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am reseaching the name of SAAR. Clara REESE married a ? SAAR. I think that they had a son named Dale who lived at Kahoka, Mo. Clara would have been born abt. 1881-82. She is not on the Davis Co. Censuses in 1880. Her sister Lydia married James MILLIKEN and another sister, Cora Alice, married Edward GARMON. Garmons lived around Bloomfield, Ia. If anyone has information on these families, please email.
Thank you Betty JO

From "Marriage Records of Clark County, Missouri 1885 - 1911" by Wilma Dunlap and Wilma Walker

Page: 118
Christopher F. SAAR to Maud M. MC_CULLUM on Sept. 11, 1906
Fred SAAR to Clara REESE on Dec. 120, 1902
Henry SAAR to Lillie WHITEHEAD on Jan. 23, 1902
William E. SAAR to Jessie C. DORSEY on Jan. 21, 1908

Page: 36
John C. DIETERICH to Lena SAAR on Aug. 6, 1898
Robert V. SHIRCK (Ft. Madison, IA.) to Lida M. SAAR on Sept. 14, 1905
E. A. ZINNERT to Lizzie SAAR on Nov. 12, 1888

From: "Cemetery Inscription of Clark County, Missouri" by Wilma Dunlap and Wilma Walker

Page: 380
Blattner Cemetery, Wyaconda Township Section 32

SAAR, Lillian, 1876 – 1944 SAAR, Henry, 1876 –

Page 107
St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, One mile North and one mile west of Kahoka

SAAR, Maud M. 1878 – 1957 Saar, Christian F., 1878 – 1945
SAAR, Lillie E., 1862 – 1947 SAAR, Jacob, 1864 – 1945

Page 106

SAAR, Mother, 1843 – 1917 SAAR, Father, 1825 – 1919
SAAR, Emma S., 1887 - SAAR, Anna Marie, 1862 – 1944
SAAR, D. D., 1870 – 1920 SAAR, Jessie C., 1881 – 1911

Page 101

SAAR, Clara E., Sept. 16, 1884 – Dec. 23, 1960
SAAR, Fred W., May 2, 1877 – Feb. 25, 1960
SAAR, George Emerey, Sept. 16, 1910 – Aug. 12, 1911
SAAR, Infant son of F. W. & G., July 30, 1907 – Aug. 2, 1907
SAAR, Morretta May, Inf dau of F. W. & G., Nov. 29, 1909

Page 97

SAAR, John, son of John & S., Dec. 12, 1868 – Jan. 30, 1870
SAAR, Henry P., Cannot read

Page: 361
Combs Cemetery Wyaconda Township, Section 9 SW Luray on Highway 136

SAAR, Martin, Oct. 26, 1824 – April 17, 1901

Bob H.

JESBERG, KRUEGER posted by Jim Luedtke on Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am attempting to locate any information about a:
Born: June 6, 1903 in Clark County, Mo.
Married: June 15, 1921 (I believe in Clark County, Mo.)
Died: April of 1973 in Clark County, Mo.
Ethel married a Simon JESBERG who was born in 1903. I can find no info on him….
My main interest is determining if they had any children, if so their names and date of births.
Any assistance would be most appreciated!!!!
Jim Luedtke
Racine, WI.

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